hEre dus bEEz an uP Date on SpiKEY – r pAL

iS 14tH sEPt 2011: wE duS hEArd frUm sPiKey tAdAy and deY hAs raiSed £560 so fAR on hErz pEEpeRZ. Can yOOz heP uS tOO? gO to hEr liNky: SpiKe’S eYeS fUr doNasHunS. tHaNkiNg yOO & pAwz wAviNg! x


iZ 24th aUgUSt: diS wus wryted by his mUm, sAM caws sheez gotS truble wid hEr peePerz –

Hi everyone. Just a little update on what we’ve done so far.

Mum has written lots of letters, Blue Cross, PDSA, Dogs Trust, Tailwaggers, etc to see if they are able to help, in any way. We have asked the vets about seeing if they can accept donations on my behalf, just waiting for a reply. #Mum took advantage of free listing on Ebay last weekend and put loads of little bits and bobs on.

We are trying to Twitter, but Mum says I should do it as she’s easliy confused! We haven’t had any donations for a while now so please if you can help, every penny will be gratefully received. Please use the sponsor me link on my info page.

If anyone has any other ideas or thoughts on what we could be doing then please let us know……:-)

wEw duN hiZ mUM – heR dus be da liNky on sPacebOOk


Spike’s pEEPers – mUm sAyZ deY cawwed eyes, nut peEpers…

dis bee r furrend sPikeY. shE dus be owdeR dan us & hErZ peEperS neeDz replacin sooz can yOO helP us raiZe fuNds pULeaZe? Go to dis linky (yOO dus haf to ask ta bee hur furriend fust tho) or goes to @SpikeCane fur moRe stUff bowt er!

shE & her mUm dus bee saWeet hearts too & so we dus LiKes hur lotZ awso.

Fankin yOO fur yUr tenshion to dis fur nOw.

aftA we raisE funDs fur sPikeY sHe and uS is goNna worK tagefer on uddEr cawsEs tOO.

weE dus sayz helloOO!

Dis dus be r fust blog. We is eggcited bout it tOO. wEEz shur beEn tHankin lutZ bowT wots ta paw-scribe bout sOoz fust weZ saYz hELLLooo to yOO!

i sAYz dey wenn dattA waYZ yOO saYZ deY wen da uDdeR

wE dus be bruDDAz. bUnnErs is da onE wid da greY haiR – hee Hee. wOT mee, oH & I iz hARvS (beeHind bUNnerS) on diZ fotOgrawPh dat r dAD did tAKe of uS in dEvOn on dA dARtmOOr. We dus finK dem varMitz gotS awaY fruM us so wEEz jus seTTin herz wAiTin fur sumtin gOOd ta mOOch by us.