weE dus sayz helloOO!

Dis dus be r fust blog. We is eggcited bout it tOO. wEEz shur beEn tHankin lutZ bowT wots ta paw-scribe bout sOoz fust weZ saYz hELLLooo to yOO!

i sAYz dey wenn dattA waYZ yOO saYZ deY wen da uDdeR

wE dus be bruDDAz. bUnnErs is da onE wid da greY haiR – hee Hee. wOT mee, oH & I iz hARvS (beeHind bUNnerS) on diZ fotOgrawPh dat r dAD did tAKe of uS in dEvOn on dA dARtmOOr. We dus finK dem varMitz gotS awaY fruM us so wEEz jus seTTin herz wAiTin fur sumtin gOOd ta mOOch by us.


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