woTs wE duZ dO sUm tiMes at hOme…

nOw aS wE iZ oWdeR chAps wE hAs rasPonSabiLiTeeS. diS duS meAn wE duS be busY feLLerZ. hEars suM of dA fiNgs wE duZ do…

diS bE bUnnErs heLpiNg dAd wiF hiS biKe. hEY dAd, tAke dA baLL dAd & pUt iT dER.. (pssT yeLLeR baLL on dA grOwnd iZ b’s fAvOOriTe)

dAd yOO duS nEed diZ fur yUr biKE wE iz shURe

aND diZ dUs bE dA hArvs heWpiN dAd diZ wiNta wiF da rEAdinG uP on hiS biKe. hArvS is eggSPeRt..dAd, wE duS fiNk it miGhT nEEd a nEw cHaiNy…hee Hee

hArVs hEwPin dAd wid hiZ biKewE nOt juS gOOd on dA biKeys wE dus bE gOod aT heWpIn rOwnd dAh hOusE tOO… hEY b, pUt dA biTey on dAt fiNk! drrRRrr biFFty bApFffF

dRRR dA biTey oN dA ooVa... gRRaND wE duZ awSo heP wiF da mOpPinG cuS wE duS fiNk dA hOwse shULd sMeLL gOOd tOO…

cAn wE hOLd dA bUcKet fUr yOO? iS nOt aW woRk. nO, da uDDEr daY wE wuZ lOOkiN fUr oUr twEEty pALys iN da aUzstRaLiA oN R wALk…heLLoowEEE…

dEy iss down there bunners i is shuredAT dUs bE aLL fuR noW buT nEzt wEEk wE duS shAre uS heWpiN mUm tAke piCshuRes fuR r bLoggGy. wOt duS yOO dOO roWnd uR hOwsE tA heP uR mUm & dAd tOO? wE wULd LuV tA knOw..

oH heY, *paws waving* tiLl neXt tiMe…


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