wE dUsN’t bEeN bLaRgiN fUr aGeS

bUt wE hAs gOt sUm sTufF tO sHarE sO hErE gOEs…

hErE dUs bE dA fiRsT tHiNg…b sAyS hE aiN’t dUn nOtHiNk wRoNg! hRmM – i dUsn’T bE sUrE


i iZ iNnOcEnT!

oH & hErE dUs bE aNoThEr….hEe hEe! i wUSn’t eAtiN dA tWeEty biRd fOoD – pRomiSe :-O


sO iZ i *bats eyes*

oH aNd hErE wE iS dOiNg #destructogang sTuFf


oPa - sOrRreE - hEe hEe - wE dUs bE iNnOCeNt mUm!

oH aNd hErE wE dUs dO bE mOStLy…


eeerRr dAt iSn't uS *snorts* hEy dEy dUs sNoRt dUSn't dEy?

aNd riLLy wE dUs bE dOiNg diS mOSt oF dA tiME…


zZZz - wOt dUs wE dO tOoDay!

wE dUs sEe yOO lAdErS poTaTeRs & sAys *paws waving* iN dA mEaNtiMe!