wE dUsN’t bEeN bLaRgiN fUr aGeS

bUt wE hAs gOt sUm sTufF tO sHarE sO hErE gOEs…

hErE dUs bE dA fiRsT tHiNg…b sAyS hE aiN’t dUn nOtHiNk wRoNg! hRmM – i dUsn’T bE sUrE


i iZ iNnOcEnT!

oH & hErE dUs bE aNoThEr….hEe hEe! i wUSn’t eAtiN dA tWeEty biRd fOoD – pRomiSe :-O


sO iZ i *bats eyes*

oH aNd hErE wE iS dOiNg #destructogang sTuFf


oPa - sOrRreE - hEe hEe - wE dUs bE iNnOCeNt mUm!

oH aNd hErE wE dUs dO bE mOStLy…


eeerRr dAt iSn't uS *snorts* hEy dEy dUs sNoRt dUSn't dEy?

aNd riLLy wE dUs bE dOiNg diS mOSt oF dA tiME…


zZZz - wOt dUs wE dO tOoDay!

wE dUs sEe yOO lAdErS poTaTeRs & sAys *paws waving* iN dA mEaNtiMe!


9 thoughts on “wE dUsN’t bEeN bLaRgiN fUr aGeS

    • ps ma bloggy is on posiedorg.blogspot.com come bye n say herlo at sum time if ya fanci it, kus i iz always on sayin funni fings! xx

      • hEy dEr! *paws waving* wE dUs sAyS tHanKiNg yOO fUr yOuR cOmMeNTs & wE dUS bE fOlLoWiNg yOO tOo oN dA bLoGgy. iS yOO oN tWiTter tOo? wE dO bE sO mAkE sUrE wE iS fOlLoWiNg yOO dEr aLsO.

        wE dO lOoK fOrWarD tO rEaDiNg uR bLoG tOo! sEe yOO lAdERs & hAvE a sUpA hOopSa eVEniNg & dAy tOmoZ.

        bUnNErS & hArVs

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