wE dUs bEen rEaDiNg sUm LaTeLy…

oH iS sO lOVerlY oUt dEr riGhT nOw bUT wOt eLsE dUs a pAw dO oThEr dAn #sunpuddle aLL dAy?

wELL, wE dUs dO sUm rEaDiNG… bUt deSE aiN’t oN dA #anipalBC, yEt 🙂


aNd dEn sUm UdDeR rEaDiNg –

wOt –

aHem… dA, beLoW iS nOT rELaTeD tO dA aBoVe! hEe hEe…

oF cOuRse nOmS iS iMpAwTaNt tO uS...
*snaps paws*
yOO sHoULd bE pLaTiNg uP nOW!

dEn wE dUs hAVe bEd tiMe rEaDiNg tOo….


hOpA – diS wOt hApPeNs wHeN wE dUs iT tHo…

i dUs sNoOzE aFteR a rEaD...

sO dUs I...

oH wELL dAt dO bE iT fUr nOw bUt wE wULd lUv tO hEaR wOt rEaDiNG yOO dUs tOo sO wE cAn dO sUm mORe #sunpuddling rEaDiNG. dO LeT uS kNoW & wE dUs sHaRe iT hErE & oN tWiTtEr tOo!

*paws waving* xxx


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