sCrUfFy dO bE hOStiNG uS iN jUNe…

hOpA! dAd dO bE cOuNtiNG dA dAyS bEfORe hE dOeS LeJoG… *whispas* dAd, iS 68 dAyS tO gO! hey dAt iS LeSs dAn dA oLymPiCs!

*pedal, pedal, pedal*

hE dO bE wOrKiNg hArD oN hiS #keepfits *claps paws* gO dAd!

sO nOt oNLy iS wE pRoUd oF hiM bUt wE dO bE vErY eXciTed cUs wE iS gOiNg tO LaNd’S eNd tO cHeEr hiM oFf aNd sAy *rah rah rah* gO dAd!

bUt dA bEsT pArT iS dAt wE iS sTaYiNG aT dA eNd oF dA wOrLd iN dA UK aT LaNd’S eNd hOsTeL wiTh….. wOt iS diS? iS a BT !

wOhOo! mY nAmE iS sCruFfY! *waves*

oH aNd hErE dO bE a piCtUrE oF hEr hOoMaNs

diS dO bE dAviD & sUsiE
dEy iS mOrE cLEvA dAn dEy rEaLiSe cUz dEy dO hAvE sCruFfy tO heLp dEm!

scRufFy iS a sUpa hOStEsS & hAs aGrEed wE cAn sTay w dEm….hRmM wE dO bETtEr tAkE a pReSeNt fOR hEr sO wE mAkE fRiEndS….

nOmMy gUiNeSS cAkE


cOw pAt cAkE! šŸ™‚

wE dUs bE eXciTeD tO mEeT dEm & sEe dAd oFf. sCruFfy’S hOomAnS hAs bEen sUpA niCe tO dAD & tO mUm tOo sO wE dO sAy tHanKiNg yOo LaNd’S eNd hOsTeL. wE dUs pROmiSe tO bEhAvE & *won’t roll in too much pooh* hEe hEe :-O

oH aNd bEfoRe wE gO wE dUs aLsO wAnT tO sAy tHaNkiNG yOO tO oUr sWeEt pALs fOr yOuR LoVe, sUpPorT & dOnAtioNs fOr dAd’s riDe. hE dOeS bE vEry gRaTefUL & hAs mAdE sOmEtHiNg nOmMy fOr yOO… šŸ™‚

wOt dAd dUs bE sEnDiNG aS tHaNkS fOr yOuR sUpPoRt!

hE aLsO sEnDs wUzZiEs & huGs & wE dUs *paws waving* fOr nOw! wEhAa!

bUnNeRs & hArVs xxx


wOt wE dUs tO sUpPoRt dAd’S tRaiNiNg fUr LEJOG…

wE dUs bE pRoUd oF dAd cUs hE diD dO a sHoRt riDe yEsTerDay (81.25 miles) wHooSHtY! hE dUS sTiLL bE iN ‘tRaiNinG’ #keepfits fUr hiS cYcLe riDe wOt hOOmAns dUs cALL *end-to-end*in JuNe.

aNd uS, yOO aSK? oH wE iZ duS bE wOrKiNG hArD sUpPorTiNg hiS eFfORtS tOo….

dUs yOO miNd! i iZ sNoOziNg....


dAd, I iSn'T gOiNG oN dAt riDe wiD yOO diS mORniNg eiDeR!!

hE diD wAkE uP aT 05.00 iN dA mOrNiNG (bLrGgHhh) cUs iT dUs bE heLpiNG hiS tRaiNiNg fUr LEJOG ‘charity ride in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society‘. gO dAD! wE dUs sAyS yOO iS sUpA hOoPsA kOoKy cUs yOO cOuLd hAvE bEen sNoOziNG wiD uS! hEe hEe! šŸ™‚