wOt wE dUs tO sUpPoRt dAd’S tRaiNiNg fUr LEJOG…

wE dUs bE pRoUd oF dAd cUs hE diD dO a sHoRt riDe yEsTerDay (81.25 miles) wHooSHtY! hE dUS sTiLL bE iN ‘tRaiNinG’ #keepfits fUr hiS cYcLe riDe wOt hOOmAns dUs cALL *end-to-end*in JuNe.

aNd uS, yOO aSK? oH wE iZ duS bE wOrKiNG hArD sUpPorTiNg hiS eFfORtS tOo….

dUs yOO miNd! i iZ sNoOziNg....


dAd, I iSn'T gOiNG oN dAt riDe wiD yOO diS mORniNg eiDeR!!

hE diD wAkE uP aT 05.00 iN dA mOrNiNG (bLrGgHhh) cUs iT dUs bE heLpiNG hiS tRaiNiNg fUr LEJOG ‘charity ride in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society‘. gO dAD! wE dUs sAyS yOO iS sUpA hOoPsA kOoKy cUs yOO cOuLd hAvE bEen sNoOziNG wiD uS! hEe hEe! 🙂


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