sCrUfFy dO bE hOStiNG uS iN jUNe…

hOpA! dAd dO bE cOuNtiNG dA dAyS bEfORe hE dOeS LeJoG… *whispas* dAd, iS 68 dAyS tO gO! hey dAt iS LeSs dAn dA oLymPiCs!

*pedal, pedal, pedal*

hE dO bE wOrKiNg hArD oN hiS #keepfits *claps paws* gO dAd!

sO nOt oNLy iS wE pRoUd oF hiM bUt wE dO bE vErY eXciTed cUs wE iS gOiNg tO LaNd’S eNd tO cHeEr hiM oFf aNd sAy *rah rah rah* gO dAd!

bUt dA bEsT pArT iS dAt wE iS sTaYiNG aT dA eNd oF dA wOrLd iN dA UK aT LaNd’S eNd hOsTeL wiTh….. wOt iS diS? iS a BT !

wOhOo! mY nAmE iS sCruFfY! *waves*

oH aNd hErE dO bE a piCtUrE oF hEr hOoMaNs

diS dO bE dAviD & sUsiE
dEy iS mOrE cLEvA dAn dEy rEaLiSe cUz dEy dO hAvE sCruFfy tO heLp dEm!

scRufFy iS a sUpa hOStEsS & hAs aGrEed wE cAn sTay w dEm….hRmM wE dO bETtEr tAkE a pReSeNt fOR hEr sO wE mAkE fRiEndS….

nOmMy gUiNeSS cAkE


cOw pAt cAkE! 🙂

wE dUs bE eXciTeD tO mEeT dEm & sEe dAd oFf. sCruFfy’S hOomAnS hAs bEen sUpA niCe tO dAD & tO mUm tOo sO wE dO sAy tHanKiNg yOo LaNd’S eNd hOsTeL. wE dUs pROmiSe tO bEhAvE & *won’t roll in too much pooh* hEe hEe :-O

oH aNd bEfoRe wE gO wE dUs aLsO wAnT tO sAy tHaNkiNG yOO tO oUr sWeEt pALs fOr yOuR LoVe, sUpPorT & dOnAtioNs fOr dAd’s riDe. hE dOeS bE vEry gRaTefUL & hAs mAdE sOmEtHiNg nOmMy fOr yOO… 🙂

wOt dAd dUs bE sEnDiNG aS tHaNkS fOr yOuR sUpPoRt!

hE aLsO sEnDs wUzZiEs & huGs & wE dUs *paws waving* fOr nOw! wEhAa!

bUnNeRs & hArVs xxx


3 thoughts on “sCrUfFy dO bE hOStiNG uS iN jUNe…

  1. GruffHello there!! I have just found you here – I am so glad I came, go on there Dad, pedal on, such a really good cause, and so glad you did not fall off Lands End/End of World there! Take care, Barnie x

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