bUnNeRs dO bE 13 tOoDay…

wELL iS a mOSt sPeShuL dAy iN dA b&h hOuSe tODay cAuSe iS bUnNErS’s 13 biRtHyDay! sO i hAs bEen heLpiNg mUm gAtHer sOmE fOToS oF hiM…

hErE dO bE bUnNeRS wHeN hE wAs yOuNg wHipEr sNapPeR & diD *run run run off* tO ChAsE dA dEeR! hOpA – i’M oFf dAd….

i iS rEady tO gO!

diS dO bE dA B wHen hE wAs pUtTiNg da biTey oN mE….

i dUs bE pUtTiNg dA biTey oN dA hArVEy! wOt dUs bE sUpA pEsT!

aNd sOmEtiMeS dA bUnNeRS wOuLd iMpArT pAwsOmE kNoWLEdGe tO mE…

hArV wE dUs hAvE tO tEaCh dEm hOomAnS cAuSe dEy iS sLoW…

aNd weLL sOmEtiMeS hE diD teAcHmE aBoUt cOWs…

hRrMmM yOo gO dAt wAy & i gO diS wAy & wE eAt dA pOoH…

aS b gOTs OLdeR hE diD bEcoMe vEry cLeVa aT aRrAnGiNG tHiNGs  *wispas – he dus help mums set up fotos for twitter*

i cAn heLp yOO wiD diS pArT mUm!

aNd aS a pAw wOt kNoWs, hE dUs aLWayS bE haPpy wHeN hE hAs hiS yeLLoW bALL cLoSe bY…

I iS a hAPpY bUnNErs – dA LiGhT dUs sHiNE oN mE & mY bALL!

aNd dEn hE dUs bE haPpy wiD hiS cHeWiE wOt dUs tHroW dA bALL tOo!

aNd wELL tHo hE dUsn’T cHanGe mUCh aFtER aLL dEse yEaRs *wispas* hE dUs bE oLDeR…

i is oLdEr bUt i dUs bE wiSeR tOo!

sO tO cELEbRaTe wiD aLl dA pALs, hErE sOmE sOiSagEs….

sOiSaGeS fOr aLL dA tWeeTy pALs!

& sOmE oF dA LoCaL bReW tOo!

LoCal ciDer wOt dUs bE nOmMy!

aNd wELl cAuSe wE iS eXtRa sPesHuL, hErE dUS bE biRtHyDay cAkE tOo!

yOo iS hOW oLD?!

wE dUs hOpE yOO aLL hAs a sUpA dAy tOdAy aNd fOr tHoSe pAws wOt dUsN’T hAve sUcH a gOoD LiFe dO heLp oUr pAL @marleyterrier aNd dOnAte tO dA #flatmarley cause iN aiD oF *Dogs Trust and Terrier Rescue* cAuSe iS a sUpA dUpSa cAuSe wOT dUS nEeD OuR sUppOrT tOo!

dAt dO bE aLL fOr nOw bUt wE dUs sAyS *paws waving* tO yOo….


11 thoughts on “bUnNeRs dO bE 13 tOoDay…

  1. GruffHello there! Great to see your pictures of you at rest, ready for the off and then at play, oh, and those sausages!!! (Mummy2Legs loved the cakes!) – you never are 13? You be looking most distinguished – there is a lotta life in this not so old dog yet ey! Love Barnie x

  2. We is just droppin in again to see pics of Bunners after hearin news of his passin. So sad. He was one of da best and we has started werk on statue for quiet corner in the garden at BT HQ. All our love for you and da whole familee. Woof

  3. My Dear Bunners, I came here to sit quietly and look at pishures of you. Today you walked over the rainbow bridge and both me and Spot are very sad. We were looking forward to meeting you. We shall pull up a blankey and a yellow tennis ball and think lovely thorts of you chasing sniffs in heaven. I do hope that your Typist and Cyclist and Harvs will have a big hug and remember al the joy and fun you have given them over all your 13 years and no doubt some laughs when you were norty too! With our love and soft paws. Pepper , Spot, Jo & Stu x

  4. Ahhhhh. Dis be so poignant now. He was a much loved and special doggie and as well as feeling sadness we feel happy that he had the best life possible. Love to all of you.

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