About Bunners and Harvs

bUnNeRs wEnT OTRB jULy 2012 sO iS jUSt gOnNa bE mE uNtiL i dUs dEciDe iF I wAnT mY oWn bLoG. bUt LiFe iS gOoD & diS iS a bLoG oF tHoRtS tO sHaRe w yOO!

wHoShTy! nOm tAsTiN…

dAd aNd mUm’s cOuSiN wAs a cOokiNg mUChLy oVeR chRisYmAs aNd wAs hArD wOrK fOr mE aNd da LoRD pErcy pLuM tOo.

wHy? wE wAs aSkEd tO bE tAstErS fOr sOmE pAsTa wOt dEy diD mAkE. sO iF yOo wAnTs tO sEe wOt wE diD cLiCk oN dA piCtuRe bELow aNd yOo cAn sEe hOw wE diD heLp dEm…

wE dUs bE tAsTiNg eXpErtS

wE dUs bE tAsTiNg eXpErtS

mAy yOuR nEw yEar bE noMmiTy nOmMm nOmm!

wEhAa…sAyS mE… xx