uPdAte oN dAd’S riDe fUr dA Alzheimer’s

wE wiLL hAvE aNoThEr cAuSe fOr 2013 bUt diS iS wOT wE diD w dAd iN 2012

wE tHoUgHt yOO miGhT wAnT tO sEe sOmE piCs oF dAd oN hiS #lejog riDe…

eR #flatmarley dEy eXpeCt mE tO gO hOw fAr?

aNd hE diD cYcLE….

sAy cHeEse

aNd eAt nOmS…


aNd hE diD fiNisH tOo. So hErE hE iS wiD mE (wOt a haNdSoMe pAw) aT dA jOhNy gRoaTs! *claps paws* wELL dOnE dAd….

aW yOo iS a sUpA sTaR & hEy wE gOt #flatmarley w uS tOo! yAy!

wE iS sO pRouD oF @robbiesvoice fOr hiS ePiC riDe. iF yOo wAnT tO sEe dA viDeo fRom #fLaTmARLey gOo hErE

wE aLsO sAyS tHanK yOO pALs fOR dA dOnAtioNs tO dAd’S riDe iN hOnOuR oF my bRoThEr bUnNeRs wHo diD gO OTRB wHeN dAd wAs peDdALiNg aWay.

aW B - yOO wAs dA bEsT pAL

aW B – yOO wAs dA bEsT pAL

nOw, cAuSe dAd hAs dONe sO wELL oN hiS oWn cAmPAigN wE dUS aSk yOo tO mAkE aNy fURthEr dOnAtiONs tO dA  #flatmarley cAMpAiGn hErE

#flatmarley HQ

yOo wOuLd bE hELpiNg @Dogstrust and @TerrierRescue aNd dEm pAws dUS nEeD OuR LoVe & sUpPorT tOo!

iF yOo hAs qUEstiOnS fOr uS oR jUS wAnTs tO *high paw* dO gEt iN tOuCh oN tWiTtEr @BunnersAndHarvs oR sEnD mE & mUm a pEeMaiL & wE dO rEpLy.

tHanKiNg yOo & *paws waving*

xXxX hArVs xXxXx

______ oRigiNaL pOsT aBoUt dA riDe ______

hEy DeR dAd dUs bE dOiNg a cYcLE riDe iN jUnE. iZ cALLeD ‘LEJOG’ hE  dUs bE riDinG fRoM LaNd’s eND to jOhN o’GrOaTs… mUm sAyS iS a LoNg wAy (1,000 miles). wE dUs sAys dUs hE gEt tO eAt nOmS fUr aLL dA hArD woRk 🙂

hE dUs bE dOiNg diS fUR (Alzheimer’s Society) pEoPLe wOt fUrGeT wHo dEy iS & wHo tHeiR LuVed oNEs iS tOo. dAt iS sAd cUs mEanS dEy wUld fUrGeT uS tOo.

sO deN, hEre dO bE a piCtUre oF dAd (waves paws to Dad) & hErE dO bE dA LiNky tO dAd’S JuSt giViNg pAgE

gO dAd! yOO cAn dO iT!

wE dO kNoW dA pEnNiEs iS sHoRt fUr sUm bUt iF yOO dUs fAnCy heLpiNg r dAd oN hiS riDe wE dUs sAys *paws waving & thanking yOO tOo*

p.S. wE dUs dO kEeP yOO pOsTeD oN hiS pRoGrEsS…


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