tRibUtEs tO pALS

rUn fReE sWeEt pAL…

nOw mUm & i hAs bEen siTtiNG hErE w dA LoRd PeRcY pLuM tHiNkiNg bOuT @marleyterrier wOt hAs gONE OTRB…

wE dUs bE miSsiNg OuR pAL

bUt iNSteAd oF bEiNg sAd, wE dUs bE sAyiNG dEr wAs sUm sEriOuS LeArNiNg wOt mArLey & *#flatmarley* diD tEacH uS….

hEre dUs bE oNe…

pAwS LeArniNg hOw tO gEt iNtO dA fRiDgE – rOnNiE biGgs sTyLiE!!

duSn'T cRoSs dA mArLey & LoLa bEen bUStEd
mArLey & LoLa bEen bUStEd

aNd dEn hErE dUS bE aNoTher: dA rEeALiTiEs oF sQuirrELs…

*dogumentary* oN dEm cRroOkS!
*dogumentary* oN dEm cRroOkS!

bY dA wAY iF yOO hAsn’T bEeN oN hiS bLoG  ‘Tales From Two Border Terrierests’ dEn pROp uP yOuR pAwS & hAvE a rEAd. yOO cAn LeARn sOmE oF wOt wE hAs… BOL!!

nOw dEn wE (bUnNeRs, dAD & mE) diD aLsO dO sOmE sEriOuS pLaYiNG wORk  w #flatmarley tOo sO wE cOuLd hELp rAiSe mOnEY fOr @dogstrust and @terrierrescue wOt wE dUs LoVe tOo…

#flatmarley HQ
#flatmarley HQ

aND hEre dUs bE a viDeO oF dAd oN hiS LAnDsEnD JoHn o’GroAts riDe w #flatmarley sO wE cOuLd hELp hiM rAiSe mOnEe tOo (prOducEd bY mARLeY’s tYpiSt)…

ooHh iS diS dA bEgiNniNg oF LejOG?
dAd & #flatmarley sAyS, iS diS dA bEgiNniNg?
#flatmarley cOmPLeTeS LEJOG
wAhOO! #flatmarley cOmPLeTeS LEJOG – wHeRe’s dAd?

*wipes brow* aNd eVen aFtER aFtEr aLL oF dAt wOrk, mArLey sEnt #flatmarley tO uS sO hE cOuLd heLp w sEriOuS nEgoTiatiOnS w #shortstuff aka @kelsoterrier mArLey & mE…

pFfT!! pEaCe taLkS
pFfT!! pEaCe taLkS

nOw, mOsT oF yOo dUs kNow yOo kNow wE diD lOoSe mY bRoTheR bUNnErS diS yEAr…

i dUs bE OTRB w mArLeY hAviNG fUn!
bE hAPpY, i dUs bE OTRB w mArLeY hAviNG aS mUch #baconbeer aS wE dUs wAnT!

nOw aS yOo cAn iMaGInE, iF mUm, dAd & i dUs tHiNk LoNg wE gEts riLLy sAd cAuSe wE hAs LoSt sOmE gOoD pALs liKe mArLey, bUnNeRs, dA wYLie aNd oH sO mAnY oTHeRs tOo. bUt wE kNoWs dEy aLL uP dEr tOgEthEr hAviNG dEr oWn pArTy w dA mAsTer pArtY mAn, mArLey….

sO wE sAyS cHeErS aNd rUn fReE sWeeT pAL wE dUs miSS yOo bUt hAVe a #baconbeer oN uS…

paWs wAviNg...
paWs wAviNg…

RIP Marley…wE LoVe yOo & miSs yOO…

hARVs aNd Lord Percy Plumm xxx


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